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Maximise your profits without resorting to the dreaded hard sell

Sales Coaching & Training based on Human Behavioural Science
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Sales Coaching & Training based on Human Behavioural Science


At Savi Solutions we work with relationship based businesses helping them to maximise their profits through attaining higher conversion. To expertly take their clients from a place of being curious about doing business, to compelled to engage with you. We do this by educating businesses on the code that is playing out in their buyer’s behaviour, and the code that is playing out in their sales conversation. The code of behaviour, and the code of conversation that allows businesses to: avoid competing on price, and avoid the dreaded (and ineffective) hard sell; whilst attaining maximum conversions. If you’re not closing 4/5 ideal buyers, then you’re leaving money on the table unnecessarily. Knowing the code eliminates confusion, because once you know the code, you know the rules of the game, and so you can play to win! With the Behavioural Code and Conversation Code in place, sales can be made effortlessly, abundantly and routinely. Be who you are, be authentically compelling and dominate.


Principal Consultant Marcus Savidis has 22 years experience in the field of Human Behavioural Science and how that relates specifically to sales. At the age of just 21 Marcus became the NSW State Manager in Sales for the ANZ Banking Group (est. 1836). At the time of this promotion, Marcus was touted as the youngest State manager in the banking group’s history and was at the helm of a 120 person sales call center. Marcus then worked in various industries including a 3 year stint selling software and a further 6 years as a new homes sales consultant helping builders to sell homes. Over his 3 years selling software, Marcus nearly doubled the results of the company with no extra spend on staff or advertising. Over his 6 years in new home sales, Marcus closed over 55 Million dollars’ worth of new business.  What you’ll learn is proven to work. 


For 22 years Marcus achieved phenomenal sales results while being described as a kind, warm, gentle albeit results driven sales person, and for 22 year Marcus noted how SO MANY people seemed to think that the only way to achieve outstanding results was by resorting to the dreaded hard sell and becoming someone they are NOT. So Savi Solutions was born.  To teach and nourish a growing tribe of sales professionals (and remember if you’re in business you’re in sales) that you CAN achieve the outstanding results that you are wanting WHILE remaining true to yourself and continuing to live life as you were designed to live it! And what could be better than this?


Book a one-on-one with Marcus to find out how you can close more sales – without the hard sell.


Looking to boost your sales team’s performance? They will love a session with Marcus – it’s inspiring, motivating, and good for results.


Marcus will be the most valuable team mate you’ve ever known, showing you how to get the results you know you deserve.


There are so many things competing for our time and energy that, at times, it can feel endless.  So many things that we could choose to invest in. But here is the Q to be asking: “Of all the things I could invest in, how many of them (if any?) are an income generation tool?” Because here’s the thing.  Whether we like or not, the fact of the matter is that if you are in business, you are in sales.  Period.  And when you invest in sales training, you invest in something that you’ll rapidly get a return on. And it’s even more than this, because when you invest in sales training you also invest in having a powerful tool in your tool kit that will generate you additional revenue for the remainder of your time in business. Pretty appealing right? Of course!  And it’s also the truth!   And what could build on this truth to make it even more magnificent?  You can achieve all of this additional revenue being YOU! Not a forced, awkward feeling, hyped up version of you …. but YOU … the very person that you were put on this earth to be, while living the life you were DESIGNED to live! You see there is a myth in sales that you can get “OK” results being how you are, but to get the very best results, you have to become a certain type of person … a “cold hard closer” a “wanker” or even “aggressive” or “tricky”. And because people fear becoming “icky” like that, they back away from dynamically influencing their market all together.  They become afraid of persuasion and dilute their impact.  They know they are passionate about their product or service and they blindly hope that this passion will be enough … And passion on its own is enough … for achieving OK, mediocre, inconsistent and mixed results. But it isn’t … if you’re after the very best outcomes – the outstanding results that you KNOW deep down that you deserve – and that you’re more than capable of achieving. So how do you remain true to YOU and explode your effectiveness as a sales professional? You simply choose to learn the code! And with that you learn how to read people’s behaviour, predict what they want, and stay authentic to you, as you have an expert conversation with them while you solve the problems for them that truly matter. That’s it … It’s not rocket science, just Human Behavioural Science – and it’s yours to attain and utilise to get your business exactly where you want it to be.   Let’s chat today – I look forward to hearing from you

Close 4/5 of your Ideal Buyers

The average business we work with experiences a 16 x ROI in the first 12 months.

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A percentage of the proceeds of select Savi Solutions trainings goes towards male suicide prevention and we’ve raised over $2,000 so far

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maximise my performance when it matters most

I’m a franchise owner and AFL umpire. Working with Marcus has allowed me to double the number of enrolments for my franchise and, on the high pressure national stage of the footy field, to maximise my performance when it matters most. I’m so thankful and can’t wait to see what else we can achieve! I would have no hesitations recommending Marcus to anyone who wants to improve their business and become an even better person!

David Harris
Gecko Sports Franchisee and AFL Umpire, Vic
a heart centred desire to enrich participants lives

Marcus’ training in this field is unparalleled, he knows his subject from go to whoa, importantly from both the theoretical & scientific side and from the practical – 20 years sales experience in the field … Marcus comes from a heart centred desire to enrich participants lives… it is obvious that with his skilled delivery the value and retention of the information is enhanced beyond measure … your business will thank you for it and your mindset will love you for it

Brian Duckworth, CPA
Astute Coaching Pty Ltd
outstanding presenter and coach

Marcus is an outstanding presenter and coach who draws on principles of NLP to empower his participants with both humour and authority

Genee Marks
NLP Master Practitioner and Business Owner
critical to my business growth

Marcus 10/10 thankyou for that spark today that you’ve reignited! Your insight into Behavioural Code and selling my strengths is critical to my business growth.

Lesley Bourke
LJ Bourke Real Estate
speaking at a compelling level

Marcus is a brilliant example of speaking at a compelling level … to be in a room where people were having major shifts was a gift to see … very powerful.  How lucky are we to draw upon his knowledge, skill and commitment to helping people thrive.

Cathy Stacey, Investor Mentor
Calnan Flack
extremely valuable tools

I’m a director of a busy Real Estate company.  Time is my most precious resource.  I have chosen to invest my time into several trainings with Savi Solutions because I always come away feeling like I’ve gained extremely valuable tools to implement immediately.  And I always see a noticeable spike in results from both myself and my staff.  The training is so sustainable … the staff still talk about it and implement it for improved performance daily.  I would highly recommend Savi Solutions for any Real Estate company wanting to raise the bar on their competition.

Helena Fantela, Director
Harcourts North Geelong
making the most of business opportunities

I decided to engage Marcus to help me with making the most of business opportunities. His course has made a big difference to my confidence in these situations and in turn brought me more income. His way of structuring conversations but making them flow naturally is something I have wanted to master for a long time. Now I have the tools to do just that. If you are looking to develop your sales skills, Marcus comes highly recommended.

Jesse Kingsbury, Myotherapist
The Palpation Clinic, Geelong
delivered with excellence

I have great pleasure in recommending Marcus Savidis from Savi Solutions. Marcus was a presenter with the Geelong Chamber of Commerce Small Business Smart Business program (SBSB) as well as being their recommended sales mentor with the SBSB program.  I’ve attended several of Marcus’ trainings and found them to be delivered with excellence.

Les Watson, Program Administrator
Geelong Chamber of Commerce, SBSB Program
growth of not only myself but for my Business

I really believe Marcus is the solution to my growth of not only myself but for my business and to attract the right people.

Michelle Steans
Fine Point Real Estate

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