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In sales the person whom will most get in your road is not the pesky customer and the difficult CEO, but YOU yourself!

“How do you know if you are participating in self sabotage?”

Believe it or not the answer to this Q stems back to our roots – and current day identity- as “Hunter & Gatherers”.  Our forefathers were hunter and gatherers and so are we. Whilst they hunted and gathered food and shelter etc, we are busy every day ‘hunting and gathering’ information and evidence. Evidence why a person / situation / opportunity will succeed or fail.

In his seminal book “Flow” Hungarian biologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi asserted that there are 2 million bits of information that come to us each second. Now of course it is impossible to filter in all of that, so in order to “get our heads around it” we Delete, Distort and Generalize (DDG) it down to approximately 7 chunks of information (+/- 2) .

What this means is, we have to be very aware what our overarching world view on a given person / situation / sales opportunity is. Because if we want it to succeed or fail we will surely ‘hunt and gather’ and DDG to support our bigger-picture world view.  In the famous words of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”

Back to self-sabotage and its role in selling. If you are busy hunting and gathering (and DDG’n) evidence for why the scenario with your prospect will fail, then you are actively dissuading yourself from your goals, dreams and ambitions.

Why is this important? Because being aware of this pattern allows you to investigate what you’re doing and, if you so choose, then allows you to get out of your own way and let the success and blessing flow into your life.

Only you are qualified to know if you are participating in self sabotage.  If you then choose to move away from the pattern of it as soon as possible – your sales numbers will thank you for it.

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