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The river to the sea

Nature, as always, gives us our cues. Nature is always moving. Nature is wiggly and not straight. Sales is no different. Imagine a river. At times it flows at speed. Other times it will run slow and pockets will become stagnant. Which ever way it flows we know both of...

The 3 ghosts of Christmas

In 1843 Charles Dickens published a story about a hardend, self centred man named Ebenezer Scrooge. I’m sure you know the story, however this tale that was laid down so long ago gives us the framework to sales. In order to influence Scrooge’s thinking he...
Good decision?  Or crappy programming

Good decision? Or crappy programming

Understand that sometimes it will be in the best interest of your prospective buyer to NOT go with you.  If it is true that it genuinely doesn’t work for them to embrace your product or service then, as the salesperson, you want to allow them the room to make this...
End of the Familiar Zone

End of the Familiar Zone

There is an animated film called “Inside Out” and it explores the thinking patterns in the brain when doing something new – when pushing beyond your comfort zone. Myself, I was afraid of heights and being away from home for more than a handful of days, and so October...
Beware of what you are Hunting & Gathering

Beware of what you are Hunting & Gathering

In sales the person whom will most get in your road is not the pesky customer and the difficult CEO, but YOU yourself! “How do you know if you are participating in self sabotage?” Believe it or not the answer to this Q stems back to our roots – and current...
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