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It’s easy to look towards the future and ponder if/when you’ll become the person that, deep down, you’ve always wanted to be.  It is an alluring activity and one many of us are drawn into often … but it doesn’t actually get us anywhere if that’s where it stops!  All the pondering on the planet isn’t going to generate you realising your best self, if you don’t follow it up with a couple of key things.

And as the SaviSalesmen that we are, we understand that our sales/external performance will correlate directly with our individual/internal performance. In other words, that our “Net worth will equal our Self-worth”

So to assist in taking yourself from who you are now to who you want to be you may find useful the following steps:

  •  Stop and ask yourself: “Am I completely clear on my vision of who I am capable of being when fully realised?”.  If not, get really clear on this.  What would you be doing?  Who would you be talking to?  What circle of people would you be mixing in?  What type of clothes would you be wearing?  Which meals would you be choosing?  Car would you be driving?  Home would you be living in?  What would your behaviour towards your partner look like?”  Get into a flow, write ‘stream of consciousness’, and just go go go until you’ve a really crystal clear picture of who you are in this moment of having fully fulfilled and realised YOU.
  • Great!  Now the all-important second step, as with the above, ask yourself: “Is what I am doing today getting me closer to where I want to be tomorrow when I AM the individual above”.  It may interest you that Dr Wayne Dyer always shared that the two most powerful words in the English Language are: “I AM”, for what comes next will define you.  Doing this will enrich your daily activities because they will now be imbued with meaning and purpose.

An example of how the above two steps may play out in the context of you having decided you’d like to start lifting weights.  Don’t decide to lift weights because you “should” or because “that’s what your mates are doing” or because “the Dr told me to”, as it isn’t going to resonate with your soul and as a result won’t be sustainable or enjoyable.  INSTEAD … If you’ve decided to lift weights because (in step 1!) you’ve identified that: “when I feel strong in myself, I feel strong in the world and that this is when I feel most primed to dominate the situations I place myself in” and you’ve resourcefully identified yourself as a strong, gathered, powerful individual, THEN the weights you lift today will feel dynamic in purpose and progression.

Remembering always that the stronger you feel within your Self, the stronger you’ll perform in the sales arena.

As ever, we must appreciate that the “law of the harvest” is in play and we all reap what we sow … the question is, are the seeds you’re sowing today yielding the crops you see when you envisage your fullest, most realised self?  If not, then change … today … because you absolutely can have the crops of your choosing – just make sure the crops you’re wanting and the seeds you’re planting are aligned!

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