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There is an animated film called “Inside Out” and it explores the thinking patterns in the brain when doing something new – when pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Myself, I was afraid of heights and being away from home for more than a handful of days, and so October last year I faced those fears by hiking the Himalayas for 12 days!

What do Hiking, Himalayas and Cartoons have to do with sales?

The idea of a comfort zone is an interesting thing.  I think it is more accurate to refer to it as the familiar zone.  Because that is all it is – the zone that we operate in when participating the known / familiar.  It is a construct of the Ego to keep us safe.  Sometimes it can serve us, but not if you want to grow / expand and take your sales game to an entirely new level.

Too often when learning new content around the art of selling a person will briefly step out of their comfort zone and experience fear of the unknown.  They then wrongly interpret that fear as “well i must have made the wrong decision – this isn’t for me”.  But no!  This isn’t what this feedback from your body is meant to signal to you!  It is simply your body giving you feedback that you are currently participating in something never done before.  Because of this the reptilian brain (the fight or flight mechanism, the Ego, the part of you designed to keep you safe) is firing off warning signals.

Notice this and push on anyway, for it is here that you will stretch yourself and bring the most blessings in to your life.  As the quote in the picture says “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.  It is so true that if you only “always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. So decide to do something new and when the inevitable fear kicks in, choose to stand strong and keep moving forward – to “feel the fear and do it anyway” as the famous Susan Jeffers book says.

A word on retreating.  Again this can be misunderstood.  When we have chosen something new for ourselves and felt fear and retreated back into our familiar zone (a very alluring temptation!) our bodies and minds will often feel “good”.  But note this is simply feedback that we are now, once again, operating within the familiar, the known, the non-growing, non-stretching part of us and, as such, there are no growing pains any longer felt.

Sometimes as you choose to grow and expand, you’ll need to learn to operate counter-intuitively.  Be comforted though, that those business people or “salesmen” throughout history, those that have achieved the most, have understood this, moved through it, achieved wonderful results and inspired others to do the same.

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