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Understand that sometimes it will be in the best interest of your prospective buyer to NOT go with you.  If it is true that it genuinely doesn’t work for them to embrace your product or service then, as the salesperson, you want to allow them the room to make this decision.   Sometimes however it very much IS in their best interests, they clearly DO stand to win logically and emotionally, and yet you’re noticing that they’re shying away from your recommendation anyway.  It can seem like non-sense.

Be aware that this is likely due crappy programming (scientific term!)… or, in other words, them sticking to doing things a certain way as it is a strategy they’ve always run.

NOTE: the science of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) shares with us that everything we do as Human Beings is a strategy: from bushing our teeth to getting dressed; from evaluating opportunities, to making choices etc  – only thing to ponder is, is it a strategy that is working for us or against us?  Some of our strategies are very resourceful and some are very unresourceful, and your prospective buyer is no different.  The word used in NLP to describe the incoming stimulus that instigates a strategy is called being “triggered” – in that the incoming stimulus “triggers” the strategy response.

For example sometimes your prospective buyer will hear your opportunity and be triggered back to a time when they were last in a position they felt like they would win, but that ultimately they felt taken advantage of.  This might “trigger” a strong fear response and cause them deny themselves something that would really serve them.  And this would occur based on programming in the unconscious mind.  Unconscious programming that they’ve likely never investigated and that really holds them back.

When you’re having a sales conversation with your prospective buyer and you sense that they have been triggered, be aware that there is an underlying strategy that is playing out.  Resourceful or unresourceful programming running within them, on an unconscious level.  Bringing this to YOUR conscious awareness allows you to develop a perspective that prevents you from taking their “no” personally, or trying to “make sense of it” as you are able to appreciate that there is a LOT more going on here than just the logical and emotional reasons to say “yes” to your product or service.

From this place compassion springs forth (rather than frustration) which makes your “job” in selling a far more rewarding and enjoyable one, which is wonderful for the sustainability of your career in sales.  And it is in this place that empowerment truly lies.

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